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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to questions we get from many brides for their wedding as well as corporate event planners and clients. With over 16 years of performing all over Charleston, we welcome any and all questions. You may contact us anytime!

- Seating of the family - usually grandmothers and mothers
- Bridal party - officiant, groomsmen, bridesmaids, any flower girls/ring bearers
- Bride
- Optional interlude e.g. - unity candle, sand ceremony
- Recessional

Prelude time can vary a bit depending on how big the wedding is and how many people are being seated. Typically it's 20-30 minutes of music so if there is anything you like from our list let us know, otherwise we can fill in the time as needed with similar selections.

Having a coordinator or a designated person that can give the ensemble a clear cue/wave when the ceremony is about to start greatly helps transition from the prelude music to the first song during the ceremony as well as the other songs. During the music planning, Bob will ask how many people will be walking down during the ceremony. From that, we can determine how to time the pieces effectively.
We have been performing for weddings over 15+ years so we rarely ever need to attend the rehearsal. Most of the time we are booked for another event and couldn't make the rehearsal.
We arrange songs when sheet music is not available or hasn't been written for our instruments or simply cannot be found anywhere. There would be a fee to arrange each song. We write out the music note by note for each instrument which can take several hours. The music would be created specifically for your event. For special arrangements please allow us at least two week's notice especially during our busy seasons.
Bob would be happy to get in contact with the singer directly to coordinate music as well as rehearsal. Any music we perform with a singer must have written parts for the duo to follow so the music fits together correctly. For any songs not on our list, an arrangement fee may need to be applied.
The violin is loud enough to not be amplified but any guitarist performing outdoors really needs to use an amplifier, so we bring a battery amp for Bob on guitar every time. Mike also has an amplifier which makes his violin match the volume of the guitar. Our volume will not be intrusive, but will enable the Duo to be heard well.
We have added cello for weddings and for events that gear toward our jazz & pop rock songs, we add an upright bass to make a trio. The Duo has a complete full sound on its own, but adding these instruments can be a nice addition, especially for events with a large amount of guests.
During the hotter months, the musicians wear all black. During the rest of the year, men can wear a black or dark suit, women wear all black. If its a beach ceremony or very casual we can also able to do white shirt and khaki combination. We are pretty flexible!
Both Bob and Mike come prepared with battery powered amplifiers, which in some cases makes and breaks the whole music experience on the beach and outdoors.
We do! We are based in Charleston but have performed weddings throughout NC, SC, GA, and Florida. We are willing to fly to another state if it's a longer distance.